What municipalities need to be asking in the bidding process

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When you need a project done right the first time you need a contractor that understands the challenges that face your particular municipality and will work with you to address specific needs, as well as bring their time tested solutions to the table. Because government accounts work differently than private companies, you need a company that will meet your requirements for asphalt maintenance, paving, concrete, excavating and manhole rehabilitation. Because road maintenance is a matter of public safety, it’s important to know how to select an asphalt contractor that is qualified to handle major jobs, stay on budget and schedule and use the best equipment and product available to save time and money.


Because bids can vary greatly from one contractor to another, getting at least 3-4 bids is a start. Then it’s time to dig into the specifics that each bid offers then compare services and prices listed.

  • Is one contractor more economical than the other?
  • Which one provides the best customer service and quality of work?
  • Understand exactly what bids cover and your expectations are met after project completion
  • Compare each quote to the specific expectations of the governing municipality
  • Understand services and materials listed and how they will affect end product

References and Qualifications

Every contractor should be able to provide examples of work done for other municipalities.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Only consider contractors for a municipality project that are licensed, bonded and insured.

  • Legitimate asphalt, concrete or excavating contractors have valid business and contractor license
  • Contractors should also carry workers compensation insurance, general liability insurance and umbrella policy
  • Commercial vehicles and equipment should be properly insured

Range of Project Experience

Your potential contractors should have experience with jobs of similar size and project scopes

  • Familiar with your needs
  • Success with your particular asphalt maintenance, paving, concrete, manhole rehab, etc

Materials and Equipment

It is important that a contractor owns the equipment and can control quality of material

  • Owns machinery, will have it available to use, no rental issues
  • No cost issues with rental prices being higher than anticipated
  • Manufactures their own material or have preferred manufacturing partners
  • Allows to better control costs of the project
  • Ensures the quality of material

Industry Appropriate Memberships, Certifications and Affiliations

Being BBB accredited says that the company will perform to certain standards and resolve conflicts and disputes

  • Local and asphalt, paving and excavating and national associations
  • Organizations keep contractors up-to-date in processes, innovations, technologies and laws
  • Helps to ensure that contractors use best practices and provide high-quality products and services
  • More likely to adhere to industry standards

These five tips give you a good place to start in selecting your contractor for municipal paving projects. Another thing to consider is if the contractor is on the cutting edge (so to speak) of manhole rehab, which is a growing industry. Save time and money by using a contractor who utilizes equipment that saves time, money and manpower while getting the job to municipality specification in a vehicle friendly manner.

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