Case Study: Lexington, Kentucky

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Several years ago, the city of Lexington, KY (the second-largest city in the state) decided they were no longer satisfied with deteriorating and sinking manholes. They searched for a new way to effectively repair and maintain the sewer manhole system.

With the thriving culture and business community in the city, Lexington needed a way to make the streets smoother, and ultimately, safer. They eventually found the Mr. Manhole system. This allowed them to eliminate their previous method of air hammers and saws. The old method was slow, labor intensive, costly, and yielded poor results.

The city of Lexington purchased their first tool in 2008, and immediately began using the Mr. Manhole system for adjusting manhole frames and lids. The finished product generated a positive response from the public, so much so that the city bought a second tool in 2011.

For many reasons, the Mr. Manhole system transformed the way that Lexington repairs its manholes . To learn more about other cities’ projects, check out Van Wert, Ohio and Ames, Iowa.

One source for all tools and materials

All the materials, tools, and specifications come from one source - Mr. Manhole. This makes it easier and faster for municipalities and contractors to stock the materials they need to make their project work.

The popular Six Shooter tool comes with every material required to use it. The training and instructional videos that accompany the tool allow the users to learn quickly and make great use of its time-saving and labor-reducing capabilities.

Speed and efficiency

The Lexington superintendent of streets and roads estimated that between 2008 and 2012, about 1,800 repairs were completed. Almost three of those years were done completely with one Mr. Manhole tool, before the city decided to purchase a second.

The inclusion of required materials and tools for the system makes it faster, as well. And as Storm Water Solutions says, “training is only a phone call away.” Mr. Manhole has an excellent website which contains a lot resources for contractors and cities. The company provides a great support system and comprehensive training.

Reduced labor, and safety

Because the Six Shooter tool operates using a backhoe or loader, there is very little labor involved. Without having to use an air hammer or saw as was the case before, the city was able to cut and remove existing manholes with one efficient tool.

As the labor is reduced, so is the danger to workers. The Six Shooter cutter does the vast majority of the work, considerably reducing the injury risk for workers. Not using air hammers or saws makes the workplace much safer for those involved.

Lexington received a positive response from residents after the implementation of the Mr. Manhole repair system. As a result, they continue to make thousands of quality rep

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