Why Mr. Manhole is Perfect for Municipalities

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Mr. Manhole system addresses two major manhole issues for municipalities, leakage and the bump the manhole creates. Contractors have to use saws and air hammers to rehab existing manhole covers to make them flush with the road. After removing the frame they begin to rebuild the chimney structure, which involves taking a 150 lbs concrete ring and matching the height and slope of the road and make it water tight, no easy task.

Our quick and easy system allow you to rehab more manholes in less time, with less cost per rehab, allowing your municipality to greatly increase the number of manholes your budget will allow, or save you a large amount of money on the set number you have to fix.

Our Mr. Manhole Cutter/Extractor works on a standard skid steer with a hydraulic auger drive. Most manhole frames are removed in 10 minutes or less which means there is minimal traffic disruption. This makes for happy commuters and added safety for workers as they spend less time dangerous traffic conditions. Additionally, with our system contractors will need just a 4 person crew to do 5-15 repairs a day vs. 1-2 per day.This saves time, manpower hours and overall cost. The average cost per manhole repair performed “in house” is $500-$800 depending on depth.


  • Cut a circular path through the surrounding road - wide range of casting sizes
  • Pulls the frame and road overcut at one time
  • Removes entire thing like donut hole down to the top of the cone
  • Polyurethane insert liner placed on cone to support casting and elevate it to the slope of the road
  • Mark and trim insert liner to slope and height of the road using Mr. manhole EZ slope tool
  • Pour new concrete around repair
  • Finish and smooth concrete, apply black colorant to match asphalt

Will save you:

  • Time - one cover completed in an hour
  • Cost of labor
  • Cost of material
  • Worker safety eliminates heavy lifting and much of the manual labor

Another savings comes when the road is repaved. Traditionally accommodations have to be made to repair manhole covers. With Mr. Manhole system, workers can pave over the spot and later a crew can find the manhole with a metal detector, cut it out and replace it.

This product is designed to last 20 years and remains leak proof and level with the road. It is the safest available to contractors and municipalities. You will be able to repair your manhole covers safely, quickly and with much less cost than traditional means.

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